The Applied Science & Engineering Program extends the School's science curriculum by providing students the opportunity to explore a field of science at the university/professional level.
The program consists of four parts:
  • Fall/Winter Preparatory Seminar designed to assist interested students in finding summer externships at university laboratories and companies.
  • Spring-term Applied Science & Engineering Seminar course preparing Fifth Form students to be productive in a summer externship. Students who secure a summer externship position are selected by various criteria.
  • Summer externship. Program directors visit or Skype with each student during the externship. Students must submit periodic self-reflective journals on their externship.
  • Sixth Form Applied Science & Engineering Capstone where students design and carry out a project related to their externship material at SPS. The Capstone course includes weekly lab meetings, a poster session for students to report on their summer research, and a presentation to the School. Students work on projects in a variety of spaces in the Lindsay Center for Mathematics and Science, including the Kwok Engineering Laboratory, the Molecular Biology Laboratory, the Hawley Observatory, and more.