Summer 2023 Externships

Henry Abrahamsen worked at PatentBots, helping the company develop a new tool for its widely used, AI-enabled platform for automating patent prosecution tasks.
Sam Bentley worked at the Bear Lab, a neuroscience lab located at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, that is working on understanding the pathophysiology of amblyopia so that it can be treated after the critical period.
Georgia Cooper worked at the You Laboratory at Houston Methodist Hospital focusing on the uses of Mito-ATO as an inhibitor of the proliferation of melanoma cells.
Lucas Ding worked at the molecular diagnostics lab of the Beijing GoBroad Boren Hospital. Over the course of 10 weeks, he engineered a multiplex ddPCR assay for the quantification of CAR-T antigens.
Sarah Ernst worked with Dr. Vijay Gehlot at Villanova University, where she used the language modeling system Colored Petri Nets to map and analyze an Australian emergency room system to increase process efficiency.
Brandon Montoya worked in the Makohon-Moore Lab at the Hackensack Meridian Health Center for Discovery and Innovation, where he analyzed the effects of barcoded Fanconi anemia corrected cells on extracellular pH levels. Patients with Fanconi anemia have an increased risk of inheriting cancers later in life, making the disease’s evolution important to study.
Miru Nam worked at the Tytell Laboratory at Tufts University, where she investigated the deceleration in bluegill sunfish, Lepomis macrochirus.
Gabriella Purvis worked at the MacFarlane Lab at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, focusing on the relationship between angiotensin-converting enzyme and ligands released from endothelial cells in aneurysm pathogenesis.
Colter Sienkiewicz worked at the University of Delaware’s Air Sea Lab creating a Color Imaging Slope Graph Mechanism for studying wind-generated waves.
Lou Szal completed her externship with the astronomy department at UMass Amherst, working to better understand how high and low feedback environments in molecular clouds affect core properties in the Mon R2 Molecular Cloud.
Ellie Ward worked in the formulations lab at Agios Pharmaceuticals characterizing drug blends and excipients and working through method development for the improved use of formulation apparatuses.
Lidia Zur Muhlen worked at the Weissleder Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital researching pancreatic cancer diagnostics. She used the multiplexed digital extracellular screening technique and MaxiGlow beads to detect binding signals of cancer biomarkers.