Summer 2017 Externships

Jessica Arbuckle interned at the Lafayette College Environmental Engineering Laboratory in Easton, Pa.  She studied methods of developing nutrient-rich Struvite crystals from wastewater for the fortification of compost.
Chance Emerson interned at the MIT Ocean Engineering Laboratory in Cambridge, Mass. He worked on creating mathematical models of ocean currents.
Hyun Joon Kim continued his internship position at TSPG International in South Korea. He worked on creating water depth arrays for flood-warning systems.
Francesca Kim interned at the Stanford University Genetics Laboratory in Palo Alto, Calif. She worked with yeast models as systems to study the cellular mechanisms thought to e one of the primary causes of ALS and Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD).
Philip Lee interned at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Mass. He worked on creating a web app to aggregate Internet of Things (IoT) mobile sensor data for the Autonomous Shared Bike Platform Project.
Ryan Mitchell created Scientific Computation Learning Programs with David Holmes.
Brady Parker worked in the Project Starfish program with the organization’s director, Subhashish Acharya. He created designs for vibration-damping shaving systems that could be used by Parkinson's patients.
James Pirozzolo interned at the UMass-Boston Visual Attention Laboratory in Boston, Mass. He worked on visual-recognition Neural Net systems.
Erina Saito interned at the Sogang University South Korea Nanobioelectronics Laboratory in South Korea. She worked on the creation of the Human Network Chip – an electronic system that mimics human organs for the purposes of drug testing.
Landon Smith interned at NYU’s Langone Medical Center. He assisted in a study that attempted to transform stem cells into functional heart muscle cells.
Aidan Spencer researched oyster denitrification capabilities with Fisher’s Island Oyster Farm, in conjunction with the University of New Hampshire, Boston University, and the University of Connecticut, in Fisher’s Island, N.Y.
Scott Taber was enrolled in the University of California-Santa Barbara Research Mentorship Program in Santa Barbara, Calif. Scott studied Long Short-term Memory (LSTM) Recurrent Neural Network algorithms.
Alexandria Urbina interned at the University of Texas-El Paso Environmental Engineering Laboratory in El Paso, Texas. She modeled the environmental impact of highways on the urban populations living in proximity to the roads.