Summer 2022 Externships

Nia Goodloe-Pierre worked in the Pukatzki Lab at City University New York studying Vibrio cholerae. Over the course of seven weeks, she studied the mutual exclusion of the two virulence pathways, the ToxR regulon and the Type VI Secretion System.
Alexandra Green worked at the Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Lab at Azimuth Corporation, where she worked on training and analyzing a text-to-speech machine learning model.
Jack Michaud worked at a software engineering firm in Denver, Colorado called Mashbot, where he learned how to make single-page web apps from the ground-up and was responsible for the development of the console application for a tech startup.
Aryan Mitta worked at the Bajpayee Laboratory at Northeastern University, where he studied how exosomes and computational modeling can enhance the delivery of drugs to sites in cartilage for osteoarthritis prevention.
Yerika Molina worked virtually with Professor Peter Gloor at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence analyzing and correlating data from a multi model emotion sensing system to identify flow and entanglement patterns among musicians playing during a jazz rehearsal.
Henry Pan worked in the Key Laboratory of Psychotic Disorders at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where he studied the effects of metformin on the proliferation of H9c2 myocardium cells via the regulation of GRIM-19 protein and the SIRT1/STAT3 signaling pathway.
Cece Peter worked at the Makinson Lab at Columbia University Irving Medical Center where she analyzed EEG data from mice with sleep scoring detection toolboxes in Python in order to discover the function of thalamic interneurons.
Gray Powell worked at the Thyme Lab in the University of Alabama Birmingham Neurobiology Department studying genetic mutations associated with neuropsychiatric diseases using zebrafish.
Lilly Schaeffer worked at Shattuck Labs (Research Triangle Park, NC) conducting a series of siRNA knockdown experiments to determine the least amount of gene expression to still activate their GADLEN platform.
Garrett Stiell worked in the Digital Discovery and Dissemination (3D) Laboratory at the Florida Museum of Natural History, where he studied adaptive radiation of skull structure in Anguimorph lizards using 3D morphometric analysis.
Kate Taylor worked at Trexo Robotics, where she helped to build and program robotic exoskeletons for children living in wheelchairs. These exoskeletons allow kids to take their very first steps and help to improve independence, gait training, weight bearing, and functional stretching. Kate specifically focused on creating component certification devices for absolute encoders and emergency stop buttons using C.
Emerson Wang worked with Professor Jack Jiang at the The University of Hong Kong Business School, where he researched new blockchain applications such as the Metaverse, NFTs, and Web3.