Summer 2020 Externships

Rishi Basu will be doing research on how cells measure mechanical pressure at a Systems Biology lab at Harvard Medical School.
In Charlotte, Reid Brown will work at CreativeCo, a growth equity studio that invests capital and accelerates software development within start-ups.
Nicholas Case will work at the Vanderbilt Initiative for Data-Intensive Astrophysics in Nashville, Tennessee to analyze data collected by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satelite (TESS)
Bristol Fales-Hill will research robot tying, folding, assembly, geodesics and human motion at the Dartmouth Reality and Robotics Lab.
Ellie La Voie will work at the Scharschmidt Lab at UCSF in San Francisco where she will study the cellular and molecular mechanisms of our immune system’s response to bacteria to help find solutions to inflammatory skin diseases.
Anne Mester will be working in the machine learning/artificial intelligence sector of CCC (Certified Collateral Corporation) in Chicago, a company which connects the auto industry through their cloud based, telemetric data driven platforms.
In West Palm Beach, Florida Isabella Pargiolas will work at EXUMA Biotech, a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-T cell products for solid tumors.
Christopher Robinson will work at Northwestern University's Lurie Cancer Center in Chicago to study the mechanisms behind pancreatic cancer progression.
Will Shiber will work at The New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ to collect and analyze data relating to the degradation of plastic materials.
Lucas Spiro will help develop biomedical parts using 3D Printing at the Jacobs Institute for Biomedical Innovation in Buffalo, NY.
Matthew Yuan will work at The GPS Lab at Stanford University and help develop a new satellite tracking tag to aid the study of the migratory behavior of large marine species and to detect illegal shark fishing in a collaboration with the Hopkins Marine Station.